are an opportunity to capture the essence of the subject.  They capture a specific moment in time and allows the viewer to catch a glimpse of the subjects' personality or interests.   They  allow us to view and enjoy the subtleties of the individual, the look in their eye, the tilt of their head, the arch in their neck.  They  can bring out great emotion in both the subject and the viewer.  This is particularly true in black and white photography.

I prefer to take portraits on location at your favorite spot; whether that is playing in the playground with your children, at a covered bridge, in your home, or sitting on your favorite stone in a field looking at the mountains.  Parents will often take have pictures taken of their children but have few or no pictures of their children with themselves included.  Family portraits often become the most cherished of heirlooms.  While I generally shoot for about one hour,  I do not place any time limit on the shoot.  Location shooting may require some waiting for the light or for background to clear.  I like to take a number of photographs from a variety of positions and in a number of poses.  I want to get just the look you're looking for.   Most of all, I want you to enjoy the overall experience.

After the photos are taken they will be individually processed for clarity, tone, and color.  The best views will be available for purchase as prints of various sizes or digitally. 

I am generally available Tuesday Mornings, Thursdays, and some weekends for portraits.  Click here for information on pricing.